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Conquering the Coming Collapse

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How Is The US Economy Doing, Really?

By all outward appearances, the US economy is in great shape. The deficit is shrinking, the stock market is soaring, housing starts are up, and home prices are rebounding.

Additionally, unemployment is down and inflation seems to be under control. With all these positive signs then, you might be wondering why there’s a sense of foreboding. A distinct sense that all is not right in the world. Are we being lied to? Played?

According to some experts (who have essentially been banned by the mainstream media), the answer is YES.

There are danger signs, hidden in plain sight, that things aren’t anywhere near as rosy as the mainstream media would first lead you to believe.

To cite one example, when you look at the unemployment figures, you see that our rate of unemployment has dropped to 5.9% as of this writing. Usually, unemployment in that range signifies “full employment.”

That sounds great, except for the fact that the way the unemployment rate is calculated has been changed. The way it was changed is that when an unemployed person’s benefits run out, they’re no longer counted as being unemployed. It is as if they simply cease to exist.

Of course, they didn’t actually go anywhere and they’re still out of work. If you count all those who have lost their jobs and run out of benefits as we used to calculate unemployment, then we find that the unemployment rate is closer to 20%. Suddenly, things don’t look as good.

Then, look at housing. Yes, housing prices are trending up, but do you know why? What has been happening is this: when the Great Recession hit, suddenly, millions of Americans found themselves underwater.

Many of these people foreclosed, which means that the bank took possession of all those properties. Then, a number of investment groups came in and started buying those properties up for pennies on the dollar.

Often, they would then turn around and rent those properties back to the people who used to own them, charging as much or more in rent than those people were paying on their mortgage payments!

Last summer alone, a group in Atlanta swooped in and purchased more than four thousand properties over the course of a single weekend. That is what’s driving home prices higher, but in no way can this be described as “healthy” for the economy.

In fact, it may be a warning sign of scary times ahead.

Home ownership has long been considered the last, great, bastion of wealth for the middle class, and it is being systematically stripped from those middle class families.

Little by little, a powerful group of oligarchs is dismantling the middle class and turning us into serfs. Welcome to the new Feudal America, where your rights and opportunities for advancement are limited, and property is increasingly controlled by a moneyed elite.

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