Women Are Blocking The Entrance To Trump Tower Right Now, This Is A MASSIVE Protest!

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A group of women have taken to Trump Tower to show that they aren’t going to stand for his misogyny. He already had remarkably low support among women. But the release of the audio where he was bragging about sexual assault just cemented women’s hatred for him.

So now approximately 60 women have formed a human chain to block the entrance to his precious Trump Tower. Many of the women identified themselves as sexual assault survivors, which explains their own personal devotion to speaking out against his unacceptable bullshit. They were wearing all black as a sign of militancy.

The protest’s primary push was from early in the morning until 8:30 am. They had some great slogans, including a chant of “Trump thinks he runs this town, pussy came to shut it down.” Signs read “GOP Hands Off Me!” and “Pussies In Formation.

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