Hilarious George Takei Just Ripped Gay Hater Pence With The Single Sickest Burn Of The Election

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Legendary gay original Star Trek TV series actor George Takei is outspoken and hilarious. He’s also determined to not let Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence off the hook for his long record of hateful words and actions toward the LGBT community.

Following the Vice Presidential Debate, which Pence was thought by some to have won, George caused a Tweetstorm mocking Pence for the many bigoted things he’s said and done to gays. It’s worth noting that Pence was not asked a single question about his LGBT stances during the debate.

Wrote the sharp-tongued Takei, “You know, Pence’s argument once put me and my family into an Internment camp on the grounds they “couldn’t be certain” of our loyalty #Shame“, “Pence may try to seem like a good guy, but don’t be fooled: His record as governor on LGBT and women’s rights is absolutely appalling.” “Pence uses “criminal aliens” instead of “rapists” “drug dealers” and “murderers.” He’s the polisher in chief.”

Takei wasn’t done. He later added, “Too bad Trump didn’t practice “extreme vetting” when he chose Pence as his running mate.” He ended his night with, “Pence is left arguing that Trump did not say what everyone of course heard him say. He can’t fix this mess.” Do you agree with George Takei? Is Mike Pence nothing more than Trump’s polisher-in-chief who can’t fix the awful mess Trump has left behind?

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