Breaking: Secret Service Puts Out Damning Statement On Trump’s Hillary Death Threat

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If there’s one group you do not mess with, it’s the U.S. Secret Service. This elite task force is in charge of protecting America’s political V.I.P.’s, and they take their serious job very seriously. After all there have been numerous successful assassinations and assassination attempts on the highest-profile people, such as the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, as well as the attempt made on President Ronald Reagan.

The Secret Service most certainly does not want there to be a repeat of these tragedies and near-misses. Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump clearly went beyond the pale when he intimated that “2nd Amendment groups” should “maybe” take care of those that stand in their way, such as Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the liberal Supreme Court Justices.

Do you think the Secret Service got the message? You bet they did. And they do not kid around. Not ones for making jokes, the Secret Service released this official statement from their Twitter account:

This has gotten quite serious, quite fast.

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