NYC Mayor Just DEMANDED That Fox News Gets Taken “Off The Air” After They Showed This On TV, This Was Awful!

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It’s been a bad week for Republicans. First of all, Trump has gotten increasingly negative press forthe biggest blunder of his political career.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has been a much-needed liberal force for change after Bloomberg and Giuliani. And, after a terribly offensive segment played on Fox News playing on racist Asian stereotypes, de Blasio showed that he isn’t afraid to stand up to bigoted assholes.

The segment, which took place in Chinatown, featured Bill O’Reilly star Jesse Walters going around asking Chinese Americans about the upcoming presidential election. He played on outdated, ignorant stereotypes by asking random Chinese folks about karate, stolen watches, herbal remedies, and even whether or not he should bow when saying hello. Bill O’Reilly laughingly said that the segment would certainly mean that “I know we’re going to get letters (for this one). It’s inevitable.”

The Asian American Journalists Association was the first to speak out against it. They were appalled at its racism, which would have been at home in 1950s American television. And de Blasio tweeted as well, censuring the segment and Jesse Walters by saying “The vile racist behavior of Fox’s Jesse Waters in China town has no place in our city. Keep this guy off TV.”

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