Trump Supporters Are Now Sending Death Threats to Jewish Journalists

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The most ardent Trump supporters are now taking a sinister new approach to their campaign against the national news media.

Michael Karonicolas, of the Centre for Law and Democracy, tweeted an image that Twitter has since removed of an obvious death threat against Politico reporter Hadas Gold. In a message sent to Gold over the social media network, a Trump supporter posted a picture of Gold with a crudely drawn, bloody bullet wound in her forehead. The message attached to the photo read, “Don’t mess with our boy Trump or you will be first in line for the camp.”

The account that posted it — which has since been suspended — put a Star of David with the word “Juden” on it and superimposed it over Gold’s chest. The image is an obvious reference to Nazi Germany, when Jews were forced to wear badges displaying their cultural heritage

Recently, Donald Trump’s supporters published the home addresses (“doxed”) of dozens of journalists, many of whom are Jewish, on the “politically incorrect” /pol/ section of image board 8chan. In response to the doxxing, some 8chan users came up with creative ways to harass reporters who have published anti-Trump stories at their respective publications. The posts are littered with anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric.

“Any goyim who are within a short distance of these people should go to their doorsteps and put pepes in their doors… Think of it like the way the chinks put [C]hinese takeout menus in your door. But with pepes,” wrote one user. “Mailing just means we know their addresses; but putting them in their doors yourself means that they know that we were physically at their houses. That should make them shit their pants.”

Other posts throughout the thread, which has been removed from 8chan but archived here, include neo-Nazi imagery featuring Pepe the frog in an SS uniform, aiming a sniper rifle at a caricature of a Jewish man, and a post saying the dox looked “like a Tel-Aviv phonebook.”





However, the threat to Hadas Gold and the dox of journalists is just the latest example of the depravity of the GOP nominee’s diehard supporters. In May, journalist Julia Ioffe, a Jewish writer who wrote a profile on Melania Trump for GQ magazine, experienced death threats and harassing phone calls from Trump supporters who allege Ioffe had an agenda of trying to destroy Trump’s family.

“It’s definitely an escalation,” said contributor Ari Paul in a phone interview. “It’s gone from just saying mean things on the internet to posting an image of someone with a bullet in their head and a gold star.”

“They’ll say things like, ‘You’re a long-nosed Jew and I’m going to kill your whole family,’ and you can report it if it’s on social media, but there’s really not a lot anyone can do about it,” Paul told US Uncut.

Trump has been endorsed by multiple white supremacist leaders, like Stormfront founder Don Black, KKK leader David Duke, and American Nazi Party leader Rocky Suhayda.

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