POLITICSFOX News: Trump Committed Political Suicide At The Debate

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Americans across the country agree on one thing, Republican nominee Donald Trump’s refusal to accept election results in advance is a fatal error. Pulitzer prize winning conservative opinion columnist Charles Krauthammer described it succinctly on Fox News as “political suicide,” but not before elaborating on why Trump’s horrifying refusal to accept election results cannot ever be spun or talked down for the rest of the 2016 campaign:

This was not a gaffe. Where you say something off the cuff and it’s what you think, but its wrong. You know that [Trump had] been coached on this. You know that his Vice President said, ‘of course, we will accept the result’ and his campaign manager, and his daughter, and you know that [Trump]’s convinced that this is something he wants to take a stand on.”

“The calculation: this is political suicide.”

Speaking of debate preparation or lack thereof, perhaps Trump’s political suicide moment arrived because he was dismissed by fellow sex predator, former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, who said that debate preparation was pointless, and publicly broke off relations with the New York billionaire.

There is no point to preparing a politician to debate anything, if he does not even believe in the integrity of the outcome in the world’s most reliable democracy. Make no mistake, Trump knows by now, that his campaign is in the toilet, rapidly heading towards the sewers to be washed away into the bowels of history as a failure, while Trump University implodes into a racketeering trial just 20 days after the election and his child rape case goes to trial a few weeks later.

So, Donald Trump ripped the proverbial kitchen sink off the wall of the GOP at tonight’s debate, and he tossed it squarely at Hillary Clinton tonight, by refusing to tell Fox News anchor Chris Wallace that he will accept the election results as valid, and his brazen act of political suicide has left the Republican Party without a livable house.

Their party died in Trump’s political suicide tonight.

Republicans cannot deny this.

You can even watch it on Fox News:

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