WATCH: CNN Host Fact Checks, Then SHUTS DOWN Trump Supporter For Her Lies About Clinton Foundation (VIDEO)

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Despite their attempts to defend The Donald, Trump’s spokespeople and supporters seem to do more harm than good lately. On the heels of Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson saying that graduating from Trump University is the same as graduating from Harvard, a supporter, Gina Louden, was called out today on CNN for sharing what turned out to be false information about the Clinton Foundation.

 The attack on the Clinton Foundation came when a guest criticized Trump University.
 Louden replied to that comment, claiming,
‘The Clinton Foundation hangs onto more than 80 percent of the money that is raised.’
Louden then went on to attack Clinton for not releasing the transcripts of her speeches.

Obviously skeptical of Louden’s claims about the Clinton Foundation, CNN host Carol Costello asked Louden where she got that figure. Louden responded, “It’s out there. It’s everywhere, you can Google it yourself.”

At this point, Democratic strategist Sally Kohn chimed in, clearly unsatisfied with Louden’s citation:

At what point does this not become okay? You can’t do that. This is a democracy, this is a civil society. We actually care about facts and information. And at what point in this crazy election does it become unacceptable to address real serious substantive concerns with your candidate by continuing to deflect and attack? At a certain point, we have to just call that. We have to say that’s not okay.’

At this point, before Louden could fully respond, Costello actually ended the segment altogether, saying that she was uncomfortable with the previous comment Louden had made and that she didn’t know where she had gotten it.

After some fact checking through Politifact and, though, Costello herself returned to reveal the truth about the Clinton Foundation and set the record straight for Trump supporters.


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