(Video) Meghan McCain vs Trump. Result: Trump just got torn a new one by this strong independent woman!

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It must be hard for Republicans this election year. After all, their voter base somehow nominated for President someone who has zero political or governance experience, and who until recently wasn’t even a Republican.

It must be doubly hard for Senator John McCain of Arizona. Trump chided the five year prisoner of war for not being a hero because the Vietcong captured him in the Vietnam War.

Following the disgusting “pussy grab” audio leak, McCain’s daughter felt liberated to say what she truly feels about Trump. Said Meghan McCain on Fox News, “This was not an easy choice by anyone’s standards, both my and my family’s. We respect the will of the voters […] There is a certain point where character and the ideals and convictions that you live and espouse for your entire career and your entire life have to mean something.” Well said, Meghan! Do you agree! Watch the clip below:

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